Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother's Day, Irony and Random Stuff

We had a great Mother's Day here. We missed Brian because he had to leave early to head to Lousiana for the week. I was able to visit with my grandmother, Crawford, my mom and John. We had a delicious meal (of course, made by me), I hope no one went home sick :o) I made just a few things for Troy last week. The tagged blankets were made a few years ago but they'll be for him, now.

We've also been doing a lot of yard work, I mean a LOT! We have cut down several overgrown bushes in the front yard. Although you may not notice, there's a huge difference, in my opinion. I'm going to put a before and after photo below.

So here comes the irony. We went to a great event which Opelika puts on in the Fall and Spring called On The Tracks. It's a wine tasting event in downtown Opelika, the shops are open late (usually until midnight) and each shop has a few selections of wines from which you can taste. Companies will buy tables which are placed outside and included with the tables is a couple of bottles of wine and some beer. Of course I didn't partake (although last Fall, it was a different story) and still had a great time. I am not a connoiseur but feel that I can smell the taste almost as well as the real thing, so smelling them was just as enjoyable. Yes, it's weird. So, my cousin, Becky, calls me the other day to tell me about this article: As you can see, I was only interested in the food!

On another note, we went to wine country again last summer and, for the first time, joined a wine club, Schramsberg. If you know me, you're fully aware that I prefer red wine over white wines any day of the year. However, after a visit to this marvelous sparkling winery, I was hooked. Not all the time is it that I want to enjoy that wine but for special occasions. What's the irony? I'm pregnant!!! I can't drink the stuff!!! I've included our most recent shipments this year from Schramsberg ( I have to say I'm most excited about the J.Davis Cab on the left side; we'll be saving that one for a very special day!

Lastly, I'm including a few photos of a boring natural area where I've planted some lilies, caladiums (Brian's favorite - who would've known??), radishes and cucumbers in hopes of sprucing it up. The single photo of three green dots is my small Sweet 100 (cherry tomato) plant. The hydrangea close up is our first bloom of the hydrangeas. Don't you just love them? Does anyone know how to dry them? That's a project for the summer - I don't know how to do it yet and I need some tips!

Watch for my 24 week photo next week :o) Troy must be a happy camper because he's kicking up a storm!!!

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Jason and Diana said...

Hi Elyse-- you look great! you have done such a great job on your outfits for troy. YOur daygown is beautiful. I wanted to see what pattern you are using for the bubble? I would like to make one for mallory. thanks, diana