Sunday, July 31, 2011

Justin at 5 Months

5 month photosmiling

Precious. Smiles. Laughs. Kicks. Squeals. Growls occasionally.

Just plain sweet. Sweet!

The sweetest demeanor. Loves his mama…..and Goli. I think he’d take Goli over me any day right now. When I pick him up from her house in the early afternoon, he stares and smiles at her while we talk about his day. Well, he loves his daddy, too. But he acts like he loves Goli first.

laying on back outside smilingwith hand in mouth outside

Size 2 diapers, Medium gdiapers.


       Weight: 15 lbs 12 oz. (50%)

He still has his little “V” on the tip of his nose. Doctors weren’t sure if it would pop out (it is a hemangioma) or not. It has decided to stay as a little red spot for now. I think it makes him just Justin! His legs were VERY skinny from the casts he had on his legs. They have plumped up nicely over the past 2 months. I have been watching his little fat rolls on his legs form which has made this Mama proud.

He’s now nursing around 7 or 8 before going down for the night. Well, sort of.

He is sleeping a little better. Did I ever say he didn’t sleep well at night? I cannot remember. Nor can I remember much else over the past 5 months. That would be because of the lack of sleep. About three weeks ago during a 2 a.m. feeding, I got on and ordered Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. I decided I was done with the waking every two hours to eat thing. Not wanting to wait to read the book, I devised my own plan to get him to sleep. When he wakes up at midnight, 2 a.m., 3 a.m. and 4 a.m., I put his pacifier back in his mouth, it falls out and I wait 5 minutes. Crying takes over (by him, not me) and I give him his pacifier back. If he starts crying again, I wait 10 minutes before giving him his pacifier again. Usually by the third time he’s back to sleep. It’s still tiring.

He is up for the morning with ALL SMILES by 6:00 a.m. Like –nothing-ever-happened-and-he-had-a-great-night smile. It makes the night before fizzle into nothingness and I just want to squeeze his little cheeks and eat him up!

Tummy time is becoming more tolerable for him. He will roll over from tummy to back but doesn’t do it every time he’s on his belly. The bebe pod with the tray and a toy on top has become one of his favorites. He will sit in it for many minutes to play and watch Troy. We started putting him in the jumperoo which he seems to enjoy.

Sitting up will come soon, I just know it. I think we have another month but he’s trying. He watches Troy like a hawk and I can read it in his eyes that he wants to get up and chase after him.


Donna said...

I'm loving those chunky legs and sweet smile- his personality shines through- what a dollbaby!