Friday, December 16, 2011

Justin at 9 Months

What? What did you say? You can’t believe it either? Well we’re in the same boat. Where has the time gone? Little dude is already 9 months!

He’s such a joy, loves sitting up, pulling to stand (with assistance), standing at his little activity table and scooting around. I’m not sure he’ll ever crawl because he seems to be very content with scooting and rolling. But, we’ll see. Standing up is a favorite of his these days. When he’s standing and Troy walks or runs around him, he cackles like crazy. Justin has a quiet voice but is making more and more noises.

We sign to him when he’s eating and we think he can sign “eat”.

9 month with sign


     Weight: 20 pounds 8 oz

     Height: 28.5 inches

9 months at beach

He’s such a joy!