Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mom’s Thanksgiving

Next we headed to my mom’s house. Fun stuff! We got there very early (for a family of 3 with a baby). We wanted the kids to play together as much as possible. Addie was a doll, Colt and Troy  played together like brother, Justin stayed busy between following the big boys and eating snacks off of the dinner table and Blaine was SO sweet! My step siblings were all there and, I’m embarrassed to say that I didn’t take any pictures of them. I wish I would have!

Mamama was there and was enamored with Justin. She said he has the most beautiful brown eyes and is so sweet. Probably didn’t hurt that he kept going up to her and hugging her. Wouldn’t you love him, too?

Here he is…giving a tongue kiss and all. Ha!

e kissing justine with justin

Sweet Addie….and Blaine.


As Mary pointed out, my mom must have spotted some fried chicken Smile

kk face

I love this…

mamama and everyoneMG hugging blainepapa with mere grace and colt

This past summer, my BIL and sister opened a cross-fit gym in Dothan (with a couple of other people). They are in SUCH great shape and I’m so proud of their new business. They’re doing such a great job with it.


CorbittsCorbitt boysin leavesKK with grandkidsMary Colt and Addie