Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Beach with the Mom and Sisters

My sisters, mom and I headed to Mary’s in laws place to take everyone to the beach. Although I had not shared it with many people, I was around 16 or so weeks pregnant. AND I was exhausted! Blaine, while so much fun, is a Mama’s boy. He did not want anyone to help him except for me. That meant carrying his 36 pound self (yes, 36 pounds at age 2) around and tending to him. My mom and sisters helped as much as possible but when the kid cries when talked to, I’m sure it was hard to want to help him. Nonetheless, we had a blast. Once we actually got TO the beach or IN the condo, everything was fine. That boy!

On the other hand, Justin and Troy were wonderful and played great with their cousins. So we’re talking about 5 boys at 5, 5, 3, 3 and 2 plus a 3 year old girl. Whew!

Papa John came down one night to let the ladies go out to dinner. We had the BEST time and laughed a lot. It was super sweet for him to do that.

Once I got the car packed and got my boys in the car, I felt so relieved…I was exhausted! The drive home was pretty quiet and uneventful.

Overall, it was a wonderful trip and I’m so glad I took all 3 boys. Thank you Mary!


Corbitt boys at beach (1 of 1)cousins  (1 of 1)

KK made the kids swimsuits. SO cute, huh?!

cousins at the beach (1 of 1)cousins at the beach standing (1 of 1)


E with boys (1 of 1)DSC_9657DSC_9662DSC_9699DSC_9707DSC_9727