Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Brunswick Stew and Savannah

I found a recipe for Brunswick Stew a few months ago and thought I would make the stew then. Well, I just got around to it this past weekend and boy was it a job! My advice to myself in the future is to pay closer attention to the amount of ingredients in the recipe. Thank goodness Brian helped but it included 6 lbs. of rump roast, 6lbs. whole chicken, 6 lbs. boston butt among the rest of the ingredients (veggies, etc.). I'll say it turned out delicious but we had to freeze a LOT! Check out the photo below of our left overs. If I was having a fundraiser, this would be the way to go. But, for a rainy weekend, it was perfect!

By the way, thank you to David Hennessey for helping peel, cut (I'm missing some meat also) and eat the meat.

Finally...here are some photos I took while we were in Savannah. I took most of them while riding the trolley so they're not of the best quality.


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