Monday, January 30, 2012

Christmas? Ohhhh Christmas??? Where’d you go?

So I’m very, very, very…..very, very late posting about Christmas. I’m going to try and post updates as much as possible. We had a great time, traveling from Birmingham to Hope Hull and home again.

We were at HOME for Christmas – It was wonderful. The boys stayed in their PJ’s all day long. all. day.long. It was lovely!

Okay, so the first of our trips was to Birmingham with Brian’s family. A great time was had by all although it was too short. Isn’t it always? Here are some pics of our time there:

corbittsgroupjohnsonskids 1 bwkids bw


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Christmas Evening….

Last post about Christmas (I think). Grandy and Memama came to our house the afternoon of Christmas. We played and exchanged gifts. Had a good time with everyone again.


Book about Thomas the Train! Fun! Justin gave this to Troy. He is really good at picking out gifts!


Daddy got a flashlight and it was the center of attention until….


BUZZ!!! Buzz Lightyear! He has been a hit. Woody and Bullseye complete the trio but Buzz takes the cake for now. Troy plays with Buzz! He likes to say that Buzz is a “space cowboy” and “to infinity and yon”! Buzz likes to talk to Woody and Bullseye and especially likes to watch Troy sleep. He has to sit at the perfect spot where Troy can also keep an eye on him!


Jumping in Excitement!


A new cowboy! Justin was in awe but so sweet!



Memama and Grandy gave the boys a train table and train set. So much fun!!! Thanks guys!


Christmas at HOME!!!

So I mentioned earlier that we stayed home for Christmas in 2011. Like all day! We’ve never done that. Having kids maybe is the reason? I loved every-single-moment of it! I know the boys and the rest of the family did also! So we had lunch at home. KK, Mamama, Crawford, Mary, Addie, Brian, Troy, Justin and I partook. Josh had taken Colt to Colorado to ski and Rebecca had to stay back in Dothan so that Ryder could spend some of Christmas with his dad.

I cooked turkey and other stuff (I think?) while KK and Mamama brought a bunch of stuff. Mary brought some desserts. Everything was so yummy!

Did I mention that the boys stayed in their PJ’s all day? They did – and I loved it!

The boys got a kitchen set from Santa as their “together” gift. Santa might have encouraged mother dearest to help a little bit…

In this picture, if you can see Justin, he is “waving”. He will turn his hand toward himself to say hello. Cutest wave I’ve ever seen!


Troy got Bullseye from KK. He was (gently) encouraged to give hugs for his gifts. Hugging is NOT his thing (like his mother). Silly boy.


KK got Patty Cakes of Justin’s hand and feet.


You’re welcome Mary!


Justin was VERY interested in Addie. It was so sweet how he was touching her leg and hands. Then, you can see him saying “HI” to her  with his right hand. So sweet!



J got a new chair! He loves, loves it!!! Thanks KK!


Here is how I wrapped all of the presents this year. Butcher’s paper with twine and stamped names. Fun!


Christmas with the Toulmin’s

After the Johnson/Corbitt clan got together, we headed down to Hope Hull to my grandmother’s house. My dad (Grandpa) was also there. We had a fun but relaxing time visiting.

Gotta love trying to get a picture with them looking at the same time!


Grandpa played with Troy great this day!


J LOVED his Gator and big car.




While everyone else took naps, Grandma, Troy and I went walking on the farm a little. We kicked and threw rocks and picked up walnuts. That reminds me, I need to open those walnuts!


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Justin at 10 Months

He turned 10 months on Christmas Day. What a fun day!!!


J 10 months face

Justin loves to people watch. In fact, he’ll stare you in the face so hard it’ll make you wonder if you have food in your teeth or something funny on your face. He takes a little bit to smile at you but when he does, it’ll warm your heart. His smiles are usually followed by flailing of arms and legs in pure excitement! He gets around; not by crawling but by scooting and rolling. If he finds something he wants, it may take several minutes but he’ll eventually get to it. And he’ll celebrate by flailing his arms and legs in excitement while still laying on his tummy. It is the cutest thing ever!

We love Justin so much, what a joy he has been in our lives. He’s babbling and wants to talk but the words just haven’t come together yet. Communicating with his hands has become his new way to tell us he wants “more” and when he wants to “eat”. He’s still exclusively drinking breast milk which, I feel, has kept away any sicknesses.

J 10 month standing

This child LOVES food – anything you give him, he’ll try and will probably eat. No teeth yet but I see little white buds which I think will make their way through soon. How I’ve loved his gummy smile over the past few months!

His precious feet have been looking great. He’s putting more weight on them and enjoys trying to pull up to stand.