Thursday, April 29, 2010


Yep, that's me - Missing in Action! I have:

Packed for a trip for work
Packed extra for my trip to California which departed in the same town as the trip for work
Spent 5 days in sunny CA - it was beautiful!
Missed my 7 month old dearly!
Came home, unpacked......sort of.
The clothes still need to be washed.
I worked.
I've chosen the next few days to spend with the baby.
He and I will be hanging out....
the post I will update sometime with my California trip is forthcoming.

Oh.....and Easter!
For now, Troy and I are hanging out. Well, sort of. He's asleep. I've got a lot to catch up on for now.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fourth time's the charm???

My thoughts were that the "third time's the charm" as far as my hair goes. Hair "do's" aren't my thing. I have flat, semi-thick, straight, heavy hair. I've noticed lately that I have a bruise in the back of my head and have discovered that it's from the weight of my hair. About the same time, I decided to measure it and see if "it's time"! Well, it's time!!! I made an appointment last week to get my hair chopped. Ironically, when I was a child, I thought that new mothers got their haircut in the hospital. Seriously, every new baby's mom seemed to get her hair chopped off. Wonder why?
Anyway, today is (was) the day! The title of my post is because this is the FOURTH time I've donated my hair. I'm not tooting my own horn but I have received compliments for this hair of mine....and realized a few years ago that since I can't, and don't want to, do anything with it, I might as well give it to others, right? Right! The first 2 times I donated to Locks for Love. This time, it will go to Pantene because they offer free wigs to those who need them!!! Exactly 1 1/2 years ago, I had my hair cut. Ummm....I never sent it off!



This has NOTHING to do with the "mom hair" subject of NBC's Today Show this morning. I found that quite funny. I guess I do have "mom hair" since I pull it up normally when it's long enough. But, I've been doing that for years, big ears and all.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Remember this post? Well, I'm really going! I'm leaving for a work trip on Wednesday and then off to California for the Big Sur race. I know I can run 9 miles now so the 10.9 mile run I'm signed up to complete should be do-able. I'll be back on Monday.

Very excited but I'll definitely miss my boys!!!


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7 Months Troy, originally uploaded by etoulmin.

I made this little number for Troy as a sample to a little sewing class I had at my house a couple of weekends ago. We had 5 ladies sewing either a Jon Jon or an A-line dress. Everyone went home with their outfit complete (a couple were missing buttons). Melody will have to finish hers later - we know that her machine needs a power cord to run! Ha!

But, I made the baseball applique without a program and I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. The baseball buttons fit appropriately!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Troy at 7 Months

Seven Months - such a fun age. Smiling, lauging, giggling, babbling, kicking and just plain loving life. Troy is such a joy! He enjoys smiling at strangers and he often gets "oh, he's so cute" and "he's so personable" comments. As a parent, it's quite nice to hear!
Weight: 22 lbs (teetering between 21 lbs. 13 oz and 22 lbs.)
Height: 28 1/2 to 29 inches (this is probably not accurate since I measured him)
Diapers: disposables: 3 (probably should move up) and gdiapers: Medium
Things he loves: the jumperoo, me (as in his mother), Lamaze butterfly (he still loves crinkling the wings and fiddling with the ribbons), riding in the stroller, people (especially people with glasses and/or jewelry as well as the ladies), riding in the wagon, his bear lovey and monkey lovey, the bath (or the pool), babies, children, his pacifier (I fear this will be a battle to take away someday), the water, the chan pie gnon.
Things he says: mama, dada, baba, la, ta and some sort of gurggling sound. When he's hungry, he smacks his mouth together and says "ma-ma-ma-ma".
In the past 30 days, he has been introduced to food....the real stuff. He has devoured anything we've given him: sweet potatoes, carrots, chicken, corn, avocado, apples, corn, lima beans, green peas, squash and oatmeal.
He's getting closer and closer to crawling. He's mastered rolling over from front to back and back to front, sitting up, rocking, belly crawling in circles and backwards.
Easter update is coming one day...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Masters (late)

Is anyone else as excited about Phil Mickelson winning the Masters as me? I mean, his wife was diagnosed with cancer, then to learn within a couple of weeks afterwards that his mother in law also had cancer. He was able to spend time with his wife while continuing to compete, is a family man and was able to secure a third Masters during one of the most difficult years of his life. Wow. I am so glad he won! I am not putting him on a pedestal or anything but I have to say that he seems like a good enough man and I'm glad to know the media has not bashed him (yet).

Troy was excited, too; I'm sure of it!


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Friday, April 9, 2010

The Masters

Started yesterday. Brian was lucky enough to go to one of the practice rounds this week. I know, either you or your spouse has probably gone before but for us, it was a pretty big deal. He had a great time. Also, he came home with a bunch of stuff. In honor of opening day yesterday, Troy sported a cute little number I found at our local consignment sale, Kids Clothes Connection for $10.00. I was very proud of myself if I may say so. A Masters outfit for our little Master :o)

He was the most verbal child in the "class". Looks like the other kids are wondering what in the world he's talking about. OR, they are agreeing with his statements made in baby language.

Yesterday after B got off work, we went on our daily walk, I took the point and click and got him in his Masters outfit.

Friends: Ann Thompson, Alan, Troy and Cosby.
Oh, and I noticed yesterday that he's cutting another tooth, right next to the first one on the bottom.
Easter update will be coming one of these days...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I feel like it's been forever since I posted anything. I haven't been lazy, just been doing other things. As I look over my calendar (still use a paper calendar - do you?), I have been running, working on P90X (NO, I am not doing the 90 day plan, just using it as a regular workout), going to the local consignment sale, packing bags for the Junior League of Lee County Art Walk/Run, going to Birmingham overnight for work, getting stuff ready for the walk/run, running it again, meeting friends for lunch with the babies, going to support group, working like a dog in the yard and on the house getting ready for Easter, working the art walk/run, having family over for Easter and crashing!

One of those days we.....went walking. Lately, after B gets home from work, we stick Troy in either the wagon or the jogging stroller, walk and talk. Sometimes I think he's actually waving. He's sporting his new visor from Janie and Jack. He doesn't need any clothes but it was hard to refrain at the last trip to Birmingham. Love it! Do you ever go somewhere with a friend and end up buying things just because you're with that person? It's like things are more appealing when shopping with others. I remembered one good thing about moving away from B'ham....I sure don't shop as much!

That same day, he ate peas...and loved them! I'm pureeing everything, or just mashing it up and the child loves to eat! Broccoli was on the menu tonight and he said "mmm" when he took his first bite. Seems to be the norm anytime he eats!

Then, we went to the park...

I put Troy in the baby swing for the first time. He giggled and LOVED it! This is when I discovered his first TOOTH! He hasn't been a pill like I would have expected. I'm sure the larger teeth will prove to be more difficult to cut.

He was laughing at me in the photo below.

I took him on a run. Unfortunately he didn't fall asleep.
I've taken quite a few photos since I posted last, too. A friend had a baby and I took some photos of her. Here is one of my favorites:Easter update forthcoming...