Sunday, August 30, 2009

39 Weeks

I can hardly believe this baby is 39 weeks along - time has flown but has also kept still. I'm so excited to see this baby but I already know I'll miss his movements. He loves to hiccup often (well, not sure if he loves it but he does it a lot) - wonder if he'll do the same when he's born? I had a doctor's appointment last week and haven't progressed any more than three weeks ago which makes me feel as though Troy loves his mother already! He just isn't ready to be here yet so we are patiently waiting. As of today, I want this little one to get here when he's nice and ready. That is our prayer! He appears to be healthy so far which is an answer to prayer. We just pray that things will continue the way they have been.

On another note, I quit running a week ago. Carrying around a huge ball in my belly began to wear on me a little with the running. Thankfully, this huge ball isn't too uncomfortable at this point. Things are always subject to change. For those of you who are pregnant or pregnant hopefuls, please know that exercise in pregnancy is wonderful! I have felt so wonderful and attribute tons of it to exercise. You don't have to run to feel good - I am now walking, swimming, doing yoga, elliptical and the bike. Just one of those would be so good for you, and your baby!
I've said that I look forward to seeing his little eyes open and look at us while Brian says he just wants to hold him and see his face. We both have very different features so there's no telling what he'll look like but we don't care, we love him so much already!

Our bags are packed and we're just waiting (somewhat patiently) for him to make his big entrance. We hope it's soon!
Below are a few updated photos of the nursery. It's ready to go - just waiting on the baby!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


NINE years ago today Brian and I promised to have, hold and love each other forever. I cannot believe I'm old enough to have been married this long nor can I believe he has stuck with me this long! Brian, you're very patient, kind and loving. I am so grateful for the last 9 years we've been married, and cannot believe we've known each other for 13 years - wow! Thank you so much for taking care of me, loving me through all of my eccentricities, loving the Lord and keeping us focused on what is important. Through this pregnancy, you've been very protecting, kind and nourishing to me in every way I've needed. Thank you! I'm looking forward to the birth of our son and a new, huge chapter in our lives. Praise the Lord for such a wonderful husband and marriage!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

38 Weeks, 2 days

As you'll see, this baby is growing like a weed! I can't imagine getting much bigger but I guess I have about a week and a half until baby Troy's due date - hoping he comes within a week (before or after) of that date!

Oh, and for your entertainment.....Yes, that's ME! I am the redneck-looking 38 week along pregnant woman in my neighborhood cutting the grass! I love yard work and figure that as long as I feel okay, I'll keep up with what I've been doing. Uh, I'm sure the neighbors are thinking either I'm crazy or Brian is for letting me cut the grass. HA! Laugh away - I don't care! For this reason, Troy will probably be embarrassed by me one day. Sorry son!

On another note - the Christening gown is just about finished. Just a few finishing touches but I'm not going to post anything until it's completely finished. My mother is going to do a little shadow work on it, then I'll have to wash it. So, I won't be posting the final product for a few months. How random is it that I love to sew and do yard work? They don't sound like they go together - oh well, at least it's what I like!


Thursday, August 20, 2009

37 Weeks

Don't you love it when you get reminders from your friends (or relatives) that you haven't posted on your blog? Cousin Jen, thanks for the reminder! So sorry we worried you...
I was 37 weeks on Saturday, August 15th. I've attached a photo below. All is still going well and I feel great. Troy is moving around a lot and it's neat to know that he's head down and is getting ready to let us know when he's going to arrive! We are being very patient about his arrival, which I wasn't expecting, and probably don't realize that he could very well come any day now. I tell you I'm not anticipating anything in this pregnancy. I hope this is normal?

Anyway, in the meantime, we have been busy, as usual, with little projects. Brian decided he wanted to paint the deck. I thought we'd wait until next Spring but he surprised me and jumped on it! I'm so proud of the way it turned out. My step dad, John, came over to help. They did a phenominal job and I keep looking outside at the great work they did! I love Brian to death - he is such an optimist when it comes to doing a project - he thinks he can just jump into something and get it done quickly. Well, if you have painted or stained a deck before, you know there are preparation steps that go into the same. I think I busted his bubble a little bit when I made him a step-by-step guide to painting the deck (complete with stripping/powerwashing, cleaning, sanding, etc.) but he was a sport about it all. We did the prep work together. I should have gotten a photo of it but we were too busy. Thanks so much Brian and John!!!
With John came my mother! We were busy sewing. I had a wonderful time working with her on the Christening gown. It isn't complete but it's on it's way. I honestly didn't realize how much time these things took, but I love this kind of sewing! I am so excited about this "outfit" we're making for Troy and other children (hopefully along with grandchildren and others). My mother is very talented and is extremely patient with teaching me her shortcuts and perfecting techniques. I'll eventually post some photos of the steps we've taken making this gown but for now, here's the dining room table taken over by 2 machines while my mother works on getting some lace inserts basted before sewing. Thanks mom! I had a great time and I can hardly wait to get this gown finished!! Of course I've worked on it every day since she left, too.

Lastly, for now, this is our little baby who seems to have been extremely needy lately. I think she knows she's not going to have as much attention soon...


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Outfits KK made

I wanted to post a separate post to show off the beautiful outfits my mother (KK) made for Troy. I am so excited to see him in them - I love handmade baby clothes! Thanks so much KK!!! She's so very talented.

Linen shadow stitched initial bubble


Diaper Shirt (the bottoms are underneatht he shirt)

Blue Bubble


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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Auburn Baby Shower

So Troy received a sweet baby shower about a week and a half ago from my good friends in Auburn. Thanks so much ladies for a wonderful time!!! We were honored to have most of the ladies from my and Brian's families come and it was so nice! Troy is one lucky boy - and he's not EVEN here yet! Below are a few photos from the shower. Yep, I'm late at posting them, of course. But, we did have a wonderful time. I tell you what, this little boy is SET UP! We're pretty much ready for him to be here other than a little more incubation time. I think he's very comfy in his surroundings and I'm not complaining a bit - he can stay there for a few more weeks as far as I'm concerned - all we are praying for is a healthy, happy baby who will hopefully be coming into this world in less than 6 weeks...hopefully because that'll mean he's late than what we exciting!


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