Monday, April 30, 2012

Easter 2012

It was a family thing – our small family. Loved it, relaxed and hung out.

The days seem so effortless lately. Troy and Justin are beginning to play together and seem to enjoy each other’s company, for the most part.

If you have a child, he or she has probably been able to partake in one (or a dozen) egg hunts. Fun stuff! At the eleventh hour, we decided to have our own little hunt. Everyone seemed to have a good time.

Easter this year was, I have to be honest, much easier than last year. A year ago, Justin was in casts, we were making our weekly trips to Birmingham and – well, let’s be honest – I was exhausted. At the time, I didn’t realize it but I know now. Just going through the motions at the time was my daily routine. This year, I feel like I was more able to participate in, cherish and bask in what our Lord did for us so many years ago. Our church has a week full of services and experiences for anyone who wants to attend. Brian and I were glad to participate this year and I feel more grateful for the past year and how God has chosen me to take care of my children, live where I live and do what I do. It’s a full hearted feeling of which I’m very happy!

Birds nests I made…so yummy!


Easter egg hunt at Goli’s.


Hunt at our house.


Dying our eggs. And there I am…sporting a 1997 AGD t-shirt. Maybe I have a hard time letting go of things?


What the bunny brought…


After church we headed over to Moore’s Mill for brunch. The bunny came, as usual. Troy loves characters – doesn’t matter what it is, he loves them. Justin couldn’t get his eyes off of the bunny. I made him turn his head and this is what I got:


After brunch, we went out on the green to let the kids play. Justin wanted in on the fun, too!


Here’s the four of us! Next year, we should be a family of five. What?! I’m 20 weeks pregnant here.


The last hunt of the season was with Troy at our house. J needed a nap… Troy loves bugs (and spiders). He likes to point them out, of course.