Sunday, February 24, 2013

Love Day 2013

Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day!

Boys with love sign

The boys LOVE their baby brother! I think the feeling is mutual Smile

kissing blaine

Troy helped make valentines for his preschool friends. It says “So glad we’re in the same school” and we put Swedish fish inside the bags, tying them with red and white braided ribbon. So cute! Troy was so happy to count out three fish and put in each bag.

troy valentinestroy valentines 2

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Blaine’s First Tooth

I spotted a little bud the day he was 5 months old. Two days later, it popped through. Much earlier than his older brothers. He now has twin on the other side of his bottom jaw. And, there is a top tooth working its way down. Too fast I tell you!

first tooth

Blaine at 5 Months!

Still growing like a weed (as he should). Smiley, smiley, smiley. Blaine has been laughing a good bit and seems to enjoy his brothers more and more. He kicks in excitement and buries his head into your shoulder when holding him when he is super happy.


This month, he has cut two teeth on his bottom jaw. It’s like they came out of the blue…along with waking in the middle of the night again. Oh, how I’ve forgotten those days so quickly! He’s still trying to sit up and roll over but has not mastered either yet. I’m sure it’ll be any day now. He’s still pretty big and has a lot of “hip” to roll over.

5 months faceBlaine 5 months

Here is the first tooth:

first tooth

He’s still exclusively nursing but is staring more and more at food. He eats a lot; definitely more than his brothers did at this point. He’s making bunches of noises like “dada, baba” and spits like a little boy. He’s busting out of his 9 month clothes but now fits in 12 month outfits comfortably. I did not think I’d be getting out the 12 month clothes this soon! It’s great that he’s growing but it makes me a little sad that he’s getting big so fast.

love with the boys

Friday, February 22, 2013

Blaine’s Christening

Sweet little Blaine had his special day. He wore his hand made Christening gown his other two brothers wore. At (almost) 5 months old, it was a bit snug but looked perfect.

We invited our family to come for the special day and eat some yummy lunch afterwards. Thanks goes out to Memama for helping me (a ton) with the food!

Thanks to Katie for taking some sweet pictures. Here are just a handful. See Justin? He grabbed Blaine’s hand and held it during the service (so sweet). Troy wore a tie for the first time and couldn’t be more proud to match his daddy!


B with mamaboys 1familycakecorbittsKK and PapaMamama and kidsMamama with grandkidsoutsideB with cup

Some sweet friends we met at our Sunday School class in Birmingham sent the below block which has Blaine’s birth information (name, size, date of birth). Love that block! KK and Papa gave him the cup.

cross with picture and block