Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Troy's latest words

My one year old thinks he's communicating. Seriously. I need to get his random babbles on video and post something. But, for now, when he wakes up in the morning, he plays his music, then starts out with "mommie, daddy, mama, dada, dis-statata, dissss-dadadada, bububu, ladada" and on and on and on.

Last night, while sitting in his high chair, it went like this:

Me: Troy, what does the tiger say?
Troy: aaaggghhh
Me: What does the cow say?
Troy: Mmmuuuuu
Me: What does the dog say?
Troy: burf, burf, burf
Me: What does the kitty cat say?
Troy: mmeeeeooo

In the bathtub:
Me and Brian: Can you say bubbles?
Troy: Bu-buul-s, bubu, bubu

That was the first time he has responded on demand to all of them. He did it again this morning.

Troy is still a mover and a shaker. Literally. He walks constantly and rarely stops, he likes to shake his head, shoulders and hips - music or not. Every now and then he will pick up a book, put it on the ground and look at it. Otherwise he's walking around the house with the book while he tries to thumb through the book - mostly running into objects/walls along the way. If we ask him to give us a kiss, about half of the time, he'll walk up to us and give us an open-mouth kiss and say "ahhh" at the same time. It's very sweet but also slobbery and gross.

He enjoys saying "uh oh" and fake sneezing. He will put his hands behind his head and say "achoo!" over and over and over. He likes doing this in Target. I have to thank my nephew, Jake, for teaching him this trick. Troy laughs at himself after he does it, too. Must be pretty funny.

Other words: "wow", "tadu" (thank you), "t-ta" (tick tock).

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Birthday Details

As we quickly approach October, I find myself realizing that it is necessary to post the details of Troy's birthday party. Although I wanted a "tiger" themed party, we went with a Jungle theme. There isn't much out there as far as tigers go - and I'm not a good at drawing tigers!I made the cupcake appliqued jon jon for Troy along with a matching hat. Although he didn't wear the hat much, I was very excited about figuring out how to make it on my own. I appliqued the "1" and monogrammed his name on it before cutting it all out. Took a good bit of manuevering but I figured it out. Elastic on a child's face isn't a great idea.

I purchased a simple wreath from Michael's, added some animal print ribbon and a few of my favorite photos of the little boy.
His grandparents from Niceville came and stayed with us. My mother (KK), Memama, Grandy, Mamama and Crawford helped me (oh, and B) with the final decorations. Troy's cake came from Gourmet Tiger in Auburn.
I made a "Happy Birthday Troy" banner. It wasn't a hard thing to make, just very time consuming. I decided I wanted a banner that we could also use for other birthdays. I put an applique on each triangle, cut out the triangles and sewed them together. I turned over the top edges and sewed them down to make a hole where I could place the twine. My mother did help me by sewing some of the triangles together - after all, there were 17 of them!!! I did make one blank one but ended up not needing it on the banner. As you can see, it was BIG! But, I love it. Cupcake tower with cupcake toppers that matched the invitation (made by Melanie):
Since the invitation wouldn't fit in a frame, I glued it onto a stick and added it to a flowerpot.
Gift bags were filled with an animal print box, a "duckie" safari animal for the tub and a boo boo icepack. I tied them with a simple leopard print ribbon and attached stickers that matched his invites.
Lizzie helped with the balloons - it was a great help.
Here's a group of buddies with our babies. We are lined up in order of the ages of our kids. Missing Michelle and AT.
A random photo of kids, parents and friends.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Drum roll please....

My ultrasound for the new little bundle of joy to come in (hopefully) late February revealed....

A BOY!!!

We are so excited - his name will be Justin Lee. We know Troy will be a great big brother.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Troy's First Birthday

We celebrated Troy's first birthday a week ago today. He had the BEST time. Of course, he loves people, babies, food and toys so he was in hog heaven!

Troy wore a blue, white and orange striped Jon Jon I made for him with a cupcake applique and his name monogrammed on the front. I also made him a birthday party hat and a banner (photos to come).

We had a LOT of help from Memama, Grandy, KK, Mamama, Crawford and Lizzie. Thanks to everyone! Penny came early and stayed the whole time to take pictures. She has done a great job! Thank you Penny!

Troy was so excited - you could just tell. He was walking all over the place and was as happy as he could be. When it was time to give him the cake, I just gave it to him - totally forgot to sing Happy Birthday. So, I took it back from him, we sang and handed him the cake. THEN, we forgot that we should use the video camera so we sang AGAIN! Lol! I thought it was funny. He was focused on that sugary stuff on top of the cake - and spent a good 20 minutes or so getting into it. He absolutely loved it. He did get thirsty so he would take a sip from his cup - which eventually found it's place on top of the cake.

He did get some really fun toys - enough to where we are going to switch them out every few weeks so he will think they're new! Seems to have worked so far.

I'll update his doctor's visit and stats in another post.

Below are only a few of the pictures I took. My friend, Penny, took many more - and I'll upload them soon.

Birthday boy in his outfit:

Wreath I made with photos for the front door:

Front door with wreath, ribbons in the urns and little jungle animals in the pots.

Decor for the mantle:
Cupcake toppers. The invitations, cupcake toppers and stickers for the gift bags were made by MAD Designs. My friend Melanie will create whatever you want - and it's so cute!
Gift bags had little duck jungle figures, small jungle boxes and an ice pack for boo-boos.
He looks like he's running from Jake:

Hugging Jeff (sort of) - this child isn't affectionate!
At the end of the day, Troy and Colt were chasing after each other. They are 4 months apart and we can tell they are becoming more interested in each other. We go them to "race" each other - well, it wasn't planned but they started trying to run. Troy doesn't really know how to run but he was trying (still with his arms in the air!).
Go Boys!!!
Colt "won"!
KK picked them both up (over 60 lbs combined) and started runnin with them. They thought it was great!
We tried to get them to run together again....Colt wasn't having it. I guess he already won and it wasn't worth it?!?!?!
Those photos are only ones that I took. I have to say it is hard to decorate, host, keep an eye on a toddler and snap photos. More are to come soon!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Troy is One Year!!!

Wow, over the weekend I remembered that long labor to get Troy into this world. It was amazing, miraculous, wonderful....and a little painful :)

He went to the doctor the day after his big day. I just couldn't do it to him on his actual day! He got 3 shots but was a champ. He did scream more than I've seen in a long time but he didn't hold his breath so that was good.
Here are his stats:
31 inches
26.6 pounds
18 inch noggin
90th percentile for everything except for his head which is in the 75th percentile.
We had a very fun party over the weekend. I'll update the blog in other posts with photos of the party and then the decorations, separately.
We wento Goli, Troy's sitter, to have cupcakes on the afternoon of his real big day! Needless to say, this big boy loves sweets!
Then we headed to Provino's for a free birthday dinner for T. He really enjoyed the beets!
Dr. C has been wonderful to him!
Okay, so I feel that I can say this now: he has never been sick. I'm praying, and hoping, that he remains healthy but I'm grateful that he's been so healthy the first year of his life. He has had a little runny nose once but that was it! You're a healthy boy!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Where have I been?

I have thought about this blog but have been doing other things. Let's see, we went on a little getaway to PCB. Yes, PCB! We recalled that we had not been there since the summer before my Sophomore year in college. That was with Student Government. Brian and I both served with SGA. We couldn't remember where we stayed but did remember the great times that were had!

So Troy stayed with us the first night and was great! The resort where we stayed played a movie at one of the pools Thursday night. Troy didn't quite watch it but would glance at it once in a while. Overall, it was very relaxing and he went to sleep like a champ! Of course we had to stay in our room earlier than we probably would have because it would have been illegal to leave him there, but what is there to do on your 10th anniversary when you're pregnant anyway, right?

Memama and Grandy kept him the rest of the weekend and we enjoyed watching a movie, eating out, hanging out, shopping and relaxing. We did have a great time. Ten years ago I probably wouldn't have pictured myself going to Florida on a vacation to celebrate our anniversary. However, things have changed, my viewpoint has changed and I would have not wanted to do anything other than what we did. Hawaii will have to wait - until the kids are older and I'm not pregnant!
I'm leaving this with a few of my favorite photos of our weekend. Brian put Troy on his shoulders for the first time - uh, when he didn't try to eat Brian's hair...and loved it!
My little tiger...
He was very interested in the water and didn't mind getting wet. It was too rough to go out with him.
This hand went straight to his mouth.
First boat ride and he LOVED it!
Walking in the sand for the first time.


Gigi's cupcakes is now in Auburn.

I love apples with lemons/limes AND salt.

Troy loves blueberry pancakes.