Sunday, March 31, 2013

Blaine at Six Months

Sweet Blaine is a half a year old! What happened to the time? I’m afraid I’ll be asking myself this forever. Anyway…

He’s the sweetest thing ever! He’s so, so close to sitting up, has four teeth now and is (occasionally) rolling over.

At exactly 6 months, he rolled from his belly to his back. At 6 1/2 months he rolled from his back to his belly.

This child LOVES life! Make sure he’s fed and he’s good to go. He loves his brothers and watches them intently. Once he’s mobile, we’d better watch out. His giggle is contagious.

6 month straight legs

His rolls (who has knee rolls?) are scrumptious!

on backon belly 1

on belly smiling

Almost there…


23 pounds, 9 ounces

28.4 inches

17.7 head


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Justin is TWO?!

Words cannot describe how I feel about this sweet little boy turning two. He is our little miracle…in so many ways. Justin has stretched our faith, made us question our lives and parenting skills and brought us so much joy!


He’s talking more and more although there is a lot we don’t understand. There is a bunch of gibberish! He loves copying his brother – in what.ever.he.can. He’s funny and really likes to make people laugh. If someone is laughing, he will start laughing just for the heck of it. We are beginning to see a silly side to Justin which is so much fun. He has the sweetest smile but it’s SO hard to catch on the camera.

His favorite toys are his Scout (Leap Frog puppy) and his Buzz and Woody dolls from Toy Story. His favorite movie is Nemo (we think) or the shapes and sizes Leap Frog video (with Scout). Favorite food is plain Greek yogurt, fish sticks, pouches (any kind) , cheerios, raisins and my homemade shakes (chalked full with kale).


On his actual birthday, Brian had to go out of town for work. So he stuck around long enough to take Justin (and me) to breakfast. Of all places, we chose iHop. Couldn’t have picked a better place for him. He ate all of his silver dollar size pancakes, bacon and some eggs. We passed (on his behalf) when they offered him cherry pie (or something like that) for his b’day meal. Syrup was enough sugar for the morning.

He LOVES outside. Waves and says “bye” or “bye bye” to every single car passing our corner. The gator is a favorite. He can hit off of a tee and likes to kick balls. Justin is content playing by himself but doesn’t like to be alone in a room. He’d rather be playing next to Troy than in another room alone. He’s becoming increasingly interested in Blaine and has recently started calling him “bebe”.

28 pounds

33.7 inches


Size 5 1/2 shoe

That evening, I took the three boys to dinner at Venditori’s, our local Italian restaurant. It’s a staple for a free birthday meal on that special day. Of course they didn’t check his ID but if you’re an adult, they take your ID and verify your birthday is that exact day. I know this post isn’t about me but, seriously…I took 3 kids on my own to a restaurant. The youngest was 6 months and the oldest: 3 1/2. Yep, I love Justin THAT much!