Tuesday, July 14, 2009

32 Weeks and Ft. Walton Shower

So we had an eventful weekend! Brian's parents' friends threw a wonderful brunch shower for Troy on Saturday. The table decorations were so adorable - each table was decorated with flowers and a toy for Troy - a football, baseball glove, water toys, dump truck and a large flower arrangement. It was so wonderful! Thanks so much to Mrs. Hamilton, Alligood, Ross and Cannon!!! I've got a slide photo below. There are a couple of outfits I made the boy also. You'll see a bonnett as well. I'm not sure it'll even fit him, we'll have to see...I learned some new handwork and well, there's not a whole lot you can do for a boy that looks real masculine. So, he'll be getting a bonnet from his mama!

Smocked Farmer & Cows


Banded Bubble

32 Weeks!!!

OMG, look at my belly! If you're wondering, yes, I've been exercising still. Yoga this morning was HARD - our instructor got back from training this weekend and decided to try out some new tricks on us. I'm the only pregnant one so I get a few "alternate" moves I can use. Today I was very glad because some of the things I can't do - not good for pregnancy - poor people who aren't pregnant! I can still run - or jog, I should say. I'm slow (not quite to a walk yet), still biking (on a stationary bike), elliptical, swimming, weights. Someone asked me about my belly jiggling - he, he, he. You would think that would be the only thing, right? Well, it doesn't. Strange; but I do use a super duper support brace made for pregnant ladies. It helps me with my posture and holds my stomach in place and is super comfortable. I want to wear it all the time but it's sort of bulky. If you see me one day with a bulky thing around my stomach, don't stare, it's just my support belt.

Brian's in Denver this week. I tend to watch tv shows that I probably should not be watching - do any of you? Well, I like MTV - it's my sin channel for sure. I don't watch it often because I get convicted but occasionally the channels make it up that high. I don't watch everything but I just turned it on and Paris Hilton still has a show about becoming her BFF. What the heck? Didn't she have a BFF show like 2 years ago? What is up with this? What happened to her old BFF?

We're heading to Birmingham this weekend for a baby shower. We are SO excited. We miss it there, but of course we love it in Auburn, too. It'll be wonderful seeing our friends...it's been a while. So, I should be updating the blog next week also.



The McDougald Family said...

Still looking great! If you were me, you would be on bedrest in 2 weeks and Troy would be here in 4 weeks...maybe he will hold out a little longer though. :) My words of wisdom, try to get everything done as early as you can!

bearbear said...

Gosh, Elyse, Troy is going to be the very best boy ever! I can't believe all the things you've made him! Did you do the smocking, too? I love the farmer outfit. I loved your slide show, too. You make me want to smock again. I got so rusty and when I tried to make things for Paige, the pic smocking I did looked awful. Geometric was ok. Guess I just need to practice, practice, practice like I did when I first learned. I'm excited for you and Brian. Can't wait to hear the good news! Pleeease keep me posted! I'm trying to get back in the blogging world again. Been gone for abut 6 weeks or so.

bearbear said...

My comment was meant to say best DRESSED boy ever! ha! But I'm sure he'll also be the best boy ever, too!

nick, robyn and taylor said...

Cute table arrangements! And it looks like y'all got some great gifts! Your clothes (and bonnet) that you're making him are so great - you're very talented! You look wonderful, too.
As for the Paris Hilton show, you have a good point. How can it be her BFF if she's had several seasons...perhaps she should rename it Paris Hilton's Temporary BF.

Lynn said...

Beth sent me your blog address so that I could look at the pictures. You are so talented. The outfits are so adorable. The time is getting closer. Hope to meet him when you are in Niceville one day. Take care. Joy Jetton