Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Auburn Baby Shower

So Troy received a sweet baby shower about a week and a half ago from my good friends in Auburn. Thanks so much ladies for a wonderful time!!! We were honored to have most of the ladies from my and Brian's families come and it was so nice! Troy is one lucky boy - and he's not EVEN here yet! Below are a few photos from the shower. Yep, I'm late at posting them, of course. But, we did have a wonderful time. I tell you what, this little boy is SET UP! We're pretty much ready for him to be here other than a little more incubation time. I think he's very comfy in his surroundings and I'm not complaining a bit - he can stay there for a few more weeks as far as I'm concerned - all we are praying for is a healthy, happy baby who will hopefully be coming into this world in less than 6 weeks...hopefully because that'll mean he's late than what we expect....how exciting!


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