Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Troy at Ten Months

I can hardly believe another month has passed. The first month of his life, I took a photo of him a day. Well, several a day. Now I'm just trying to catch up with him.

He's a true joy. Is so very happy, well, until things don't go quite his way. He sleeps like a champ, loves his bed. Maybe that is because he only gets a pacifier in his bed? Loves that pacifier! Loves to eat, play, watch older children, chase after Abbie and loves animals. In fact, he loves Goli's cat so much we think he squeezed her and ended up with scratches on his arm. The 8 year old cat had never scratched anyone. Maybe he'll learn one day...

This is the best photo we could snap of him with the sign. He is an active little 10 month old and loves to rock in the rocker. That's what he was doing here.

His favorite toys are his widgets, jumperoo (only if we stay in the room with him), grocery cart and balls.

T is quite proud of his ability to say "ight" or light, as we would say. We find it quite funny how he will study someone he sees, sort of warm up to them and then start saying "ight" "ight" "ight" over and over until they acknowledge him. He's now saying "Hi" and we think he's saying "hi daddy" when Brian comes home from work. He loves going outside and we also think he says "outite" for outside.
He's in between a medium and large gdiaper and size 4 disposable.

T still definitely prefers me over anyone else right now. I know this will change one day so I'm grateful for these precious times now. He gets extremely excited when he sees me after a little break. It's like he cannot control himself until he gets to where I am and I pick him up. Then he goes back to normal.

We have stopped going to the nursing support group because he was too active, almost aggressive, and I was afraid he would hurt one of the little babies. I guess you know when it's time to stop.

He's still nursing a couple of times a day. I think he'll have enough frozen stuff to drink during the day until he turns a year. We introduced a sippy cup a few months ago. He doesn't like drinking milk out of that but before we know it, he won't have a choice.

His bottom teeth are very pronounced. He got his front right and right eye tooth right as he turned 10 months. The other 2 top ones are on their way. He didn't like us holding him down to get a picture of those teeth. Here they are!