Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Several weekends ago as Brian headed East to go to the Auburn/Georgia game, the boys and I headed to West Alabama. With a short stop in Montgomery to pick up KK, we were off! Everyone did fantastic going and coming.

The trip overall was great. I’m not the first person in the world to travel with two young children but if everyone else says that it’s a cinch, I’d really like to know their secret! Babies come with so much stuff and I was afraid of leaving something behind. This was the second time I went out of town with just the two boys but having my mom help was HUGE!

We loved going to see my grandmother (Mamama), she’s really great. But, she doesn’t normally have young children in her house. There are knick knacks everywhere. everywhere. everywhere. And those are off limits. Troy minds well but I know it was hard for him to keep his little paws off of things! My grandmother is teetering on 80 but is a spunky as ever!!! She LOVED having us stay with her.

KK played hard with Troy!

kk and troy

He was intrigued by the birdhouse

T with birdhouse

He loved running, playing on tractors and asking questions. Tons of land and lots of fun was to be had!

troy on the grountroy on tractortroy in the field

Aren’t these the cutest tiger appliques? Love them! Justin’s doesn’t fit anymore. I should have put his on a bigger shirt.

E with boys

We saw our cousins. Eve loves Justin!                                    Reagan and Troy were crazy about each other.

Eve and J 1reagan and troy

This “playhouse” is now a storage space for my grandmother’s things. Years ago, it was a playhouse for my mother when she was growing up. When my cousins and I were younger, we played house in this playhouse. Isn’t it adorable? I might have even taken a 5 gallon bucket, added a toilet seat and made a potty in that house. What? Did I just admit to that? Ha, ha.

playhousemamama with Justinreagan1

Troy played with Cookie and loved that his name was Cookie. Last year he was so little!

T and cookieTroy in glassesT and J at gate closer


t and j at gate