Monday, May 28, 2012

We be swangin’!

Our neighborhood has a pretty nice park for kids about a mile and a half from our home. Gave Brian a little while to get some yard work done and I took the kids to the park!

So I took these few photos….and left my camera! Didn’t realize it until I received an email from our neighborhood saying they found my camera. Luckily I had not erased my memory card and there was something with my name on it. In any event, I checked the card tonight and there were a few funny photos taken by and of some teenage boys. Since I don’t know them, I won’t post them. But, let’s just say they were funny.

And I’m grateful that my camera has been recovered! While it would be nice to get a new one, it isn’t a reason to file an insurance claim right now, right?!

I made these dino t-shirt transfer shirts with the silhouette. Aren’t they cute!

t and j swinging 2

Justin LOVES the swing!

j swinging smilingj swinging