Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Zoo! The Zoo! June 2012

A very last minute decision and we were off to the zoo. On the way there, Troy told me that I would see the tiger, his daddy would see the rhino and he would see the farmer. Um…how many farmers are there at the zoo? Anyway, I figured we would work that out when we got there. We walked through the ENTIRE zoo – a first time thing for us (post children). Troy had a blast, Justin was as happy as could be and KK came to see us!

KK has been helping me get the boys’ rooms ready (more on that another day) and while her plan was to finish the painting on the beds, our plans to go to the zoo got her off the hook and over to the zoo (it’s less than 10 minutes from her house). Troy and Justin love their KK! So glad she came…and she brought some fun clothes to boot!

Troy was obsessed with seeing a Rhino. What the hey? Then, once he saw one, he was less than thrilled. The train passed about the same time and he had a new obsession. Our goal was to see the tiger and then get on the train. He could hardly wait to see the tiger and get on the way to the train! He’s a VERY active and on-the-go boy! Always several steps ahead of us so we have to constantly call him back to get closer to us. I realize that we need to be better about making him stay close. On a side note, my mother said I was the same way….no wonder I got lost in Disney World! What are we going to do?!?!

With the flamingos and my (almost) 28 week belly – looks more like 40 weeks! Ha!!! Surely I’m having a huge baby, right?!

E and T

KK with Justin……and Troy.

kk and justinKK and Troy

Checking out the elephants. Relaxin’ in the stroller.

t and brian looking at elephantsboys in stroller 1

Before and after lunch, Troy got on the stage and “performed”. Literally, he got on the stage, started stomping one foot, pretended he had a microphone and was singing. Then he began announcing, “wadies and gentewmen, here comes the big kitty cat”! Where did he come up with this?

Troy on stage

And Justin watched and danced ~~

Justin on stage


holly said...

ok, OBVIOUSLY I haven't read your blog in awhile! Did not know you were preggers. Congrats!