Thursday, September 13, 2012

Troy is Three!

Knows his alphabet

Knows most sounds to letters

Can count to 20

Knows most numbers (0-10)

Can recite The Lord’s Prayer on his own

Favorite Letter: X

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Characters/Things: Peter Pan, Thomas the Choo-Choo, Cars, Garbage trucks and any other trucks, Pirates, Play-doh

Favorite Song: Never Smile at a Crocodile

holding up hands

Do you see that thing on his left hip? That would be a Melissa and Doug wooden knife. It has become his “sword” which he wears like Peter Pan. He pulls his underwear out so he can stick the sword in his pants. At least he’s wearing pants. He’d rather run around with just underwear on.

Troy is still an intense, excitable, somewhat obsessive, loving and sweet child. These characteristics seem somewhat contradictory but they are what he is! Love him to the moon and back!