Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hangin with the kids day 1

My days of maternity leave are flying by. I’m flying solo this week so survival is the key factor here. Blaine is not on a schedule…nor am I trying to get him on one….it’s too early for me. However, I have to admit it makes for an interesting day while trying to cater to his sporadic milk needs.

This was taken yesterday. Before Brian leaves to go out of town for work, he gets into cleaning mode. It’s pretty awesome, yes. However, he gets stressed out if he can’t get everything on his list complete. So I decided to try and burn some calories. I thought Troy would run some. What was I thinking?! He wanted to ride. So I strapped Blaine in the baby bjorn and let the other two ride. Of course about a half a mile into it, Troy decided he wanted to run. Whatever.


So today is survival day.

Troy decided he doesn’t like the personalized plate he had for lunch. Hmmm, thanks a lot.


Blaine doesn’t like to be put down. This is a recurring issue. Sometimes the kid has to cry because…well, I can’t hold him all the time. Side note: sometimes he’s content without being held but most of the time he is not…unless he’s sleeping.


My reward for holding him: smiles, coos and laughing….then, finally…sleep!


I’ll try and update tomorrow with what we did. These photos were taken with my iPhone.