Wednesday, November 14, 2012

To work to work

Two weeks ago, I started back to work. Good thing? Yes, it’s a good thing. We have a nanny at home….who is wonderful BUT who is also leaving to go back to school in the Winter. No, we didn’t think that would happen and yes, we’re shocked and looking for a replacement. Nothing like getting the news before she even started. Oh well! It’s a good thing for her anyway.

So Tori has been pretty fantastic. She is super sweet and I can hear her working with the boys which is wonderful. We didn’t know how she would be until she started working with the boys. I know we’ll miss her dearly.

Going back to work has been good for me. Brian traveled those first two weeks and, well, let’s be frank: caring for three young children isn’t easy! The biggest problem for me so far is that I can’t please everyone all at one time…most of the time. In their defense, however; they have been like little toddler angels. Yes, they require someone to help them do just about everything BUT they haven’t been bad in the sense of a bad three year old throwing crazy fits. I just hope it stays this way!

On the other hand, I still feel the need to accomplish something. Whether that’s folding a load of clothes, washing dishes or making up beds, I can’t seem to relax….but I also don’t want to relax. It’s like this little thing clicks in my head and reminds me over and over of the things I want to complete. Sometimes it’s quite annoying but I think it’s just my personality? You’d think I would have figured this out a long time ago….my personality and all.