Saturday, February 23, 2013

Blaine at 5 Months!

Still growing like a weed (as he should). Smiley, smiley, smiley. Blaine has been laughing a good bit and seems to enjoy his brothers more and more. He kicks in excitement and buries his head into your shoulder when holding him when he is super happy.


This month, he has cut two teeth on his bottom jaw. It’s like they came out of the blue…along with waking in the middle of the night again. Oh, how I’ve forgotten those days so quickly! He’s still trying to sit up and roll over but has not mastered either yet. I’m sure it’ll be any day now. He’s still pretty big and has a lot of “hip” to roll over.

5 months faceBlaine 5 months

Here is the first tooth:

first tooth

He’s still exclusively nursing but is staring more and more at food. He eats a lot; definitely more than his brothers did at this point. He’s making bunches of noises like “dada, baba” and spits like a little boy. He’s busting out of his 9 month clothes but now fits in 12 month outfits comfortably. I did not think I’d be getting out the 12 month clothes this soon! It’s great that he’s growing but it makes me a little sad that he’s getting big so fast.

love with the boys


Donna said...

That is the cutest, happiest baby!!! I LOVE his wittle legs!

Brian said...

Love my boys!