Thursday, September 4, 2014

First lost tooth!

At the first Auburn game of the season, as I jumped out of the car, Troy declares, “Mom, my tooth is loose!” Thinking he’d lost his mind, I forgot about it for about 30 minutes. Later, I asked him about his tooth. Low and behold, in his little mouth were two new teeth coming in behind his front two teeth. Three days later, while eating corn, he lost his first tooth.

I asked him what it meant to lose a tooth. He told me the “fairy tooth” would come and leave him some monies. Well, he was right but he thought the fairy tooth wouldn’t take his tooth. I assured him she would probably give them back once he grew all of his big kid teeth. He thought that made perfect sense.

Troy lost tooth (1 of 1)Troy tooth  (1 of 1)

On another note, I was a little sad. Why in the world was I sad about him losing his first tooth? Honestly I surprised myself because it means he’s growing faster than I expected. What made it better was how PROUD he was of losing that tooth. A week later he lost the other one! And all of this right before he turned 5.