Friday, May 22, 2009

24 Weeks and Coldplay

I'm about a week late posting my 24 week photo but what the hey, better late than never, right? Little one is growing and is getting stronger with his kicks. We went to a Coldplay concert this past Monday and it messed up our schedule a bit. It was COMPLETELY worth it, however. It was the most entertaining concert I've been to...ever. Yellow balloons, butterfly confetti and a free CD...can't beat that! We came home Monday, well, Tuesday morning early. Needless to say, our workouts were pushed to Tuesday evening due to the lack of sleep. If you've never been, I strongly, highly recommend doing so at the next opportunity.

So I made a couple of things for this little one after he gets here. I'm ahead of my goal to make an outfit a week so he might not get one this week - I've had quite a few things on my plate this week. I'm glad to say that I've finally finished the outfits for others for a while. Only a couple of other things to make for babies which have already been born (better late than never, right?) which I should get done in the next 2-3 weeks.

Lastly, we're heading to Niceville this weekend to spend time with the Corbitt's. Everyone is looking forward to it. I just found out that my brother and sister in law and their kids will be joining us. My nephew, Jake, just graduated from kindergarten - Congrats Jake - and they have a blog now. Check it out here. Jake also made all-stars for his area - way to go!


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Donna said...

Elyse you are the most amazing seamstress! I just got a sewing machine- I hope I can get proficient. You look adorable and I bet Coldplay was amazing- they just seem larger than life.

jenniferbernheim said...

I'm so excited to have stumbled upon your blog from Eve's blog. First, congratulations to you and Brian - how very exciting. And wow, Troy has quite the wardrobe - you are amazing. You've always been multi-talented... I just love the baby outfits. What a lucky boy Troy is... all the best for a wonderful pregnancy!