Tuesday, May 5, 2009

22 Weeks

As you'll probably notice, my hair is a little wet. We were in a hurry to get the 22 week photo ( a couple of days late) before Brian left for Coral Springs. Things are moving along on our corner. Look for a post within the next couple of weeks with our slightly revised and cleaned up landscaping. If you know me, I love our house but am not a huge fan of the landscaping. My good friend Penny came up with a beautiful plan for the landscaping but we made an executive decision not to go forward with it because of our little tiger on the way. We might need that money for him :o) Brian continues to be a sport with our list of things we want to get accomplished. I'm feeling so great right now that I don't want to waste any time while I can help.
22 Weeks:

Turtle who's been hanging out around our house. Maybe she laid some eggs?

Valence for the Baby's room:

Let's see, we had a busy weekend with On the Tracks in Opelika, another run Saturday morning, yard work, a Birthday party, church, Auburn Baseball (thanks to the Browns for the tickets!) and a little cooking at the church. As you'll see, I'm trying to keep up with my goal of making Troy an outfit a week. I've included a few things here and others on my sewing blog. Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


Mommy and Daddy said...

awesome sewing! i hate piping and you do so much of it. sometime i will have to get some tips!! what's brian doing in coral springs? i was born and raised there. grandma, aunts and uncles still there.

Elyse said...

Who is Mommy and Daddy??? I don't like piping that much, really. I do it if I have enough contrasting fabric and only if I feel like it at the time :o) I like it more than smocking, though! Brian covers Coral Springs with his work, he's there this week for a conference. He says it's beautiful where he's staying!

Wilson's Winners said...

Girl, you look great! Wish I had that tummy at 22 weeks:-)