Friday, June 19, 2009

28 Weeks

So really I'm right at 29 weeks but who's counting, right? I've been on a blogging hiatus. Lots of things going on in our household, namely work. Been busy but I'm very grateful. I passed my insurance test I took last week, praise the Lord! What a load off my shoulders that has been! I've missed sewing more than I thought but have been able to dive right back into it. I've been doing some stuff for others but I did get to finish 2 outfits for baby Troy. I've attached photos below. I'm still on track with making an outfit a week (well, I'm ahead of schedule) so my short hiatus hasn't been a burden on the sewing machine at all :o) . I did take a class and made an apron for myself which I'll post one of these days. Maybe when I'm super pregnant.
On another note, things are still going great with the pregnancy. It's hot out there, as you all who live in Alabama know but it's bearable. I can't tell a difference in the way it felt outside when I wasn't pregnant in the summer! Oh, and get this, our air conditioner on one side of the house has gone out. The repairman came yesterday and of all things the coil needs to be replaced. First of all, I'm grateful that it's not any worse but I wouldn't have been that upset had the whole unit need replacing (I mean that's why we pay for a home warranty, right)! But, it's not that bad....again, I'm grateful that I'm not miserable in the heat. Brian and I are fortunate enough that we can live on the other side of the house. So, we're sort of camping in one of our guest bedrooms. It's kind of neat, though. Sort of like staying in a hotel but I still have my kitchen. I know that the bed we're sleeping in is comfortable and I love the shower we're using (yesterday was the first time using it). The repairman had to order a new coil (I mean, don't people keep them stocked in the summer for things like this) and should be here Monday morning. Until then, we're enjoying camping on the guest side of the house. Yeah, Brian tried playing the pregnant wife card and he said the repairman tried very hard to find a coil but it just didn't work. Takes me back to my first year working with the Farm when people's AC units would go out and they'd complain about the lack of cool air. Unfortunately there's nothing you can do about that and now I sort of know how they feel.

On a more positive subject, some of our wonderful friends are throwing the FIRST baby shower for little Troy. We're super stoked about it and I'll be sure and update the blog with his little blessings. Thank the Lord for friends (and family) - this whole baby thing is way out of our league!



Donna said...

Awww...glad you have SOME air conditioning at least! You look great- and I love little man's outfits- every Alabama boy needs some camo in their life!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Look at those cute outfits! You look great! And I hope you are feeling well!