Thursday, October 29, 2009

Six Weeks and Several Firsts

WARNING: This is a long post. We've had a busy weekend and week. Since the last post, Troy has been to: my grandmother's house (including to see my dad) in Hope Hull twice; the Syrup Soppin' festival in Loachapoka; church for the first time; a pumpkin patch; the church's Trunk or Treat; his sitter "Goli" for a couple of half days; and to the Mart in Atlanta.
Below are some photos I took of Troy the day he was 6 weeks. He is such a joy, loves to smile, laugh and "talk" baby talk. He's still sleeping about 8 hours a night. Praise the Lord!

This is what I wake up to every morning: Brian has made me coffee. Very sweet!

Going to Grandma's. She watched Troy while I went to the doctor. Since I am documenting our lives, I have to admit that my arthritis is slowly creeping back. Being pregnant, I was in remission and felt wonderful. There is very minimal pain, thank goodness, but I needed my knee to be drained and a cortisone shot. It was the trick and I'm feeling much better now. Those of you who have been diagnosed know that you have to exercise to feel good but you can't overdo it. This means I won't attempt a full ironman in my lifetime. But, other things are possible. That being said, I'm back running, too. Yes, running is safe for arthritic patients. You have to do things right: eat right, stretch and exercise. So, I'm up to about 3 miles by myself and around 2 miles pushing Troy in the jogging stroller. I weighed him today and he was 13 pounds 3 ounces. So, he's a growing boy! Pushing him in the stroller is fine but the rolling hills are taking some getting used to.
Grandma and Troy:
My dad fell asleep holding Troy :o)
My grandmother made this quilt for someone else in our family. She is supposed to go and visit her sometime soon and she will receive it. Isn't it adorable? I love the cats. My grandmother quilts - by HAND. Nothing is done by machine. She's an incredible quilter. She gave me and Brian one when we got married and I sleep with it every night. I absolutely love it. Hopefully she'll have time to make Troy one someday. Of course, you don't ask for them, all you can do is hope!
At the syrup soppin' festival.

With our friends the Pettey's. They were kind enough to invite us to go. Glad we did. Troy snoozed the whole time. Mrs. Pettey is expecting a little girl next year. The guys think they're going to set our children up one day. I think they'll be friends - or enemies, like siblings.

Pumpkin Patch Photos:

He was so happy outside!

Our first photo together as a family at church:

Goli is the lady who is keeping Troy. She's taking great care of him! I've taken him to her twice this week so he can start getting used to her a little. She's been great for him.

The Trick-or-Treaters are coming tonight so I'm getting our soup and candy ready. NO, we're not giving the trick or treaters soup. That's for us!


Brooks Family said...

I remember those days well...what a true blessing - enjoy every moment! You look wonderful and I was wondering today about your arthritis and how it was now that you're not pregnant anymore...thanks for the update!!