Saturday, October 3, 2009

We Made It!!!

It was our first week on our own as a family of three and we made it! Troy is still kicking (and screaming at time) and seems to be a content baby. Brian and I haven't ripped each others' heads off yet and we are still getting along. Whew! Where did last week go? What did we do? Why do I feel like I have bags under my eyes? I tell you what, this thing about parenthood is different, just another adjustment. We love this little boy to death but it's amazing how something so small can be so needy! How does something so small and young know that he needs to go on a walk daily? Seriously! The boy cries until I put him in the carrier in the mornings to go walking. Sometimes I just want to sleep late - oh well! If anything, he's putting us on a schedule.
Abbie is still scared to death of him so it's pretty funny to see her walk up to him, smell him and hiss like crazy. Poor cat. At least she's afraid and not aggressive. I'm glad to say that our house isn't a total mess. Subject to change, of course, but we were able to clean today. How? I wore the baby bjorn and got my part done while Brian worked his tail off doing the rest. He'll do the yard tomorrow. We're thinking it's probably not smart to take a 3 week old outside while we're doing yard work.
Oh, and Troy and I went to the nursing support group last week and he's TEN pounds, 1/2 ounce! Folks, the boy is gaining a POUND a week!! Nope, he didn't lose any weight when we got home (usually babies lose 10% of their birth weight after the first week at home). He gained weight! We're thinking he's going to be a big BOY! It's fine with me, he's sleeping at least 4 hours at night and we still have to wake him up to feed him.
We're excited once again, for the Auburn game tonight. Brian and I planned on going to the game last week, drove to a parking spot and the bottom fell out. I decided it wouldn't be smart as a new mom to expose myself to the elements and risk getting sick. Ugh. The things we'll do for children, right ladies? Anyway, since they're playing away tonight, we'll be watching from home with some friends. I'm making some buffalo chicken dip. Yummy!
Troy says WAR EAGLE!!!
Abbie has decided she likes to sleep in the bottom of Troy's stroller.

So this photo just makes me laugh! We swaddle Troy each night. The below swaddler was given to him by his cousin, Colt. It has a top portion in which you wrap the baby's arms. The bottom portion is attached via velcro to the top portion. We hear Troy grunting and groaning at night. Well, he apparently doesn't like his legs wrapped up. He is a pro at removing his legs from the bottom portion but his arms remain wrapped up. Looks like we did this on purpose but we didn't!


Brooks Family said...

He is just beautiful! I am so happy for you...God is good!

Shana said... did RUN with him until you practically gave birth...and EVEN WALKED with him as you were giving birth...why again can't you understand why he expects a daily walk?? hmmmmm??? :) love you.