Thursday, June 24, 2010


I was hoping to post about Father's Day weekend but I feel compelled to write about what I learned today.
The H's are close family friends. Mrs. H has two children and 4 grandchildren. The H's have considered Brian one of their own. Brian and their son, Chad, grew up together, were best friends, played sports together, same grade, etc. The H's are best friends with my inlaws. They threw us a wedding shower, then a baby shower. In fact, last weekend we saw them and Mr. H shucked the stew out of some oysters. His hand probably still hurts from all of those suckers. The H's were one of the first families I met when I visited Brian's parents for the first time. At the Cannons for a fish fry during a 4th of July weekend, I believe. Or, at the old Mexican restaurant their group of friends used to frequent on Friday nights. I've known them for years and I've seen what wonderful, caring, sweet, funny, spunky people they are. They love their grandchildren dearly.
I met their oldest grandchild, A, when she was just a tiny thing. We played Barbies together. I think I met her shortly after she was born. She has been spunky (like her mother and grandmother) since she was able to talk I believe. A is special. I've seen her relationship with her mother which seems more like a friend relationship. I saw her about a year ago at the baby shower her grandmother threw for our family. That was the last time.
Brian called me this morning and said she was driving home, just a few feet from her parents driveway. She had her brother, M, in the car with her. A man driving a car, rumored to be drunk, ran a stop sign and t-boned A's car. She died. M is going to be okay - physically. She died. I cannot believe it. Allegedly her positioning saved her brother's life. Wow. I don't remember knowing anyone personally whose child died unexpectedly. A's parents were both out of town, her grandparents heard that there was an accident, headed toward her home and saw her. It makes my heart sink. I cannot imagine what this family is going through. I don't want to imagine.

As soon as I got off the phone with Brian, I couldn't hold it back anymore. I hit my knees and prayed. For what? What do you pray for in this situation? I prayed for God's grace. For his magical Grace to do what it needs to do. I prayed for M. He's 13. He was in that car with his sister. Their family has been forever changed. I prayed that there will be some good that comes out of this? Can there be? I prayed for that guy. He's someone's son, too. What he did is horrible. Horrible. I prayed that he will repent and be redeemed . What else do you do? I want to be mad at him but is that right? I don't know. What's done is done. This family will never be the same. Ever.
H's, I hope this is okay that I posted this. I love you guys. More than you know. Yes, unemotional me! I really do. I'm so, so, so sorry about what happened.

.....I am so sorry.

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nick, robyn and taylor said...

So sad. Thanks for posting this Elyse. I'll be praying for them, too.

Tuan said...

Elyse, so sad to hear this story!! You know I was close to Mrs. H in high school and can remember when M was born b/c Mrs. H was so excited about it! The entire H family is in my prayers.