Sunday, June 20, 2010

Troy at Nine Months

Troy is an active nine month old. He weighs over 24 pounds (his 9 month appt is this week so I'll have to update the true weight soon). Cruising is his thing. Within a week of crawling, he was pulling up and another week later, he was crusing around furniture. We've had to put locks on the cabinets since he has discovered not only how to open them, but to pull stuff out of them. He is a very busy bee. He can crawl from his room, through the media room, kitchen, living room, hallway and into our bedroom. It's a good little trek but he seems to know where he's going!
Although we don't have stairs at our house (beside into the garage and on the deck), he has mastered climbing up stairs. Must not be that hard for babies.
He loves pretty much anything to eat. His favorites are yogurt and just about any fruit. Don't give him fruit first or he'll throw a fit. And, when he finishes yogurt, he throws a fit - every. single. time. It's just part of what he does.
Diapers: Size Medium gdiapers but we're gradually getting him into large gdiapers. He still wears some size 3 disposable diapers because we bought a box almost 4 months ago and he's not finished with them. We'll keep trying to squeeze him into them until either we can't or he's out of them.
Troy loves his music table and loves to dance. If he hears music ANYTIME (on tv, the radio, in a restaurant or at the grocery store), he gets to dancing!

Here he is in his room while we were trying to get a photo of him in his bed......