Thursday, August 12, 2010


Are you a googler? I am. Love it. I’ve tried Bing but there’s just something about that beautiful Google page. It welcomes me with open arms. On special days when it’s decorated cute or different, I get excited about learning what the big deal is that day. Is it the day the light bulb was invented? Or maybe a contest for kids decorating google?

Anyway, below are a few things I've googled lately....

how to know if you're pregnant

babies 17 months apart

enbrel and pregnancy

ankylosing spondylosis and pregnancy

toddler boys' rooms

orange duvet cover

blue twill fabric

blue twill drapes

cute toddler bedding

pottery barn kids bedding

how to tell your husband about pregnancy

cute ways to tell my spouse i am pregnant

pregnancy calculator

how pregnant am I

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Brian said...

Holy Crap! Are you serious!

Elyse said...


Ginny said...

How exciting! Many congrats! Miss you!

Caroline said...

Holy cow! Congrats!

The McDougald Family said...

Brian's comments make me laugh! I have a friend that hers are 14mo 2 and 3. You will do great!

The Parrish's said...

I've been checking this blog every day to see when you were going to make the big announcement and how...and I approve! Very good:) I saw the title and was like "are you kidding me?" Break the freakin news!

holly said...

cutest way to announce, ever! congrats!

Jessica Coleman said...

I love it!! You are so blessed!!

Dana said...

OH how super cute! Thanks for the follow. Did you go to Troy? If not, you look strikingly similar to a girl named Elyse that I hung out with at TSU :)

Lily's Laundry Boutique said...

Thanks for linking up to Fabulous Friday Follow! Your blog is darling. Have a great week.


Holly-- The Storm Chaser said...

How fun! 17 months apart is great. My first two are, and they are best friends. I'm so happy for you!!!