Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I think the fact that I'm pregnant hasn't sunken in with me. I'm super excited about a newborn. They are so sweet, cuddly and precious! Yes, they do require a lot of diaper changes, not as much sleep (for me) during the night, random crying and a lot of work. But, I miss having a little baby. Troy is such a joy but he is NOT cuddly and seems to be a very independent child (somewhat like his mother).

But, I have SO many ideas of what I want to do, things to clean out, sewing projects and randomness but not as much energy at the end of the day. Thank goodness the initial first 8-9 weeks have diminished and I am not dog tired in the middle of the day. BUT, I cannot seem to keep myself awake past 9 pm to do anything! I guess it's from working a full time job and chasing around a toddler? I don't know but I have no other excuses.

Also, I'm still nursing Troy. What you say? Are you crazy? Yes, I might be. However, he is almost a year old. We've made it this long without him needing any formula and since it's so darn close, I yearn to be able to provide his nutritional milk needs until he's a year. Yes, in a couple of weeks it's all over. A few months ago when I thought of weaning him, it made me sad. But, I think I'm ready. He's a big boy, it's become quite awkward and I think he'll be okay. I am so happy to know that we should make it until he's a year. I did get the green light less than a week ago from the pediatrician to begin adding an ounce or two of whole milk to the frozen stuff. He seems to be doing just fine with it so hopefully he won't have allergies with the whole milk. I suppose only time will tell.

Of course I did a lot of research on the whole pregnancy and nursing thing. It's actually okay. And, hopefully no one will get offended when I say this, some people nurse with each child, throughout pregnancy and then after the new baby is born. This actually has a term - tandum nursing. Nope, not for me. But to each her own, right?