Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Beach trip with the girls

A few (three) weeks ago, we headed to Blue Mtn. Beach. "We" means my mother (KK), both sisters, Troy and Colt. Relaxing? N0. Fun? YES!!!
Of course I got zero photos of all of us together. What's a girl to do, right?
Here are a few of my favorite photos below.
Thankfully, KK and Mary helped me a LOT with Troy. He's a busy little bee and my pregnant self would get tired going up and down the stairs with him. Thanks guys!
KK with Troy the one day we went to the beach.
Right after about the 100th time I told Troy not to eat the sand. He actually was putting it in his mouth and swallowing it. Yuk.

I love this photo of Colt. He loved the sand and would just play with it.
The boys
Troy has been doing "fish lips" and we think it's one of the funniest things. Here he is in the tub. Colt is an active little thing in the tub and Troy was a bit intimidated.
Someone got a little jealous when his mother was holding another....
We had a wonderful weekend of great food (royal red shrimp anyone?), company, a little shopping and watching an awesome Auburn football game (vs. Arkansas).