Monday, October 18, 2010

Sewing in September 2010

Mostly appliques and monograms were completed in September. Here are a few:
I'm slowly but surely making little creations for our son due in February. I think 5 burp cloths are enough for him (plus all of the others he'll use from Troy).
A few bibs - so easy to stick monograms on these.

Some very good friends of ours, D and M, just adopted a beautiful little boy. Yes, his name is Connor. Here are a few things for him.

MJ, another little girl born to some friends, will have these things I made below. Her mother probably doesn't check this blog so the fact that her wrapped gift is still in my car (oh, for 3 weeks or so) is probably okay. A bad trait of mine: I'll make, or work on something but am not great about giving it to it's intended user quickly. Something to get better at.

Monogrammed receiving blanket for Connor.

I love this little helicopter I appliqued onto a striped shirt of Troy's.

For Troy -
For a friend's little boy. I think it's so cute! The thing I'm not crazy about is that you cannot see the gingham fabric in the stripes that well. The stitches are made so that they are very thick, something I don't have the software (yet) to change.
For a friend's little boy for Christmas:
Red pants and top, for Christmas:
Pants. These are so easy and cute.


Anonymous said...

SO SO SO cute!!!

Love your header too!!!

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