Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween Celebrations

The School of Architecture at Auburn has, on the Friday before Halloween (normally, I think), a pumpkin carving contest. It is one of the neatest things. The students have from that morning until 5 or so that evening to carve pumpkins. Troy quite enjoyed looking at the "puntins" and wanted so badly to touch them.

We ran into 3 of the 5 kids who also go to Goli (and Goli herself). They absolutely adore him (according to their parents) and were running to get their picture made with him. Their parents all work in the School of Architecture (which is how we found out about the whole thing).
This one was, in my opinion, the most outstanding. It was "skinned" and carved.
A few of the other pumpkins.

Troy wanted to touch the pumpkins so badly!

B got to go to the Auburn/Ole Miss game in Oxford and KK was so sweet to come and help out with Troy. He had a ball!
On Halloween was a little get together we had with some of the dressed up children. Claire led the pack as Cinderella and was quite impressive on her first trick or treating excursion. Troy could hardly wait to take the tiger adornment off of his head.

The little pack (minus Cosby).
Lizzy and Alex came over, dressed up, and handed out candy. They were a hoot! Lizzy is supposed to be a bear but was called everything but.

The only photo of parents I took. Worth it to get the to chickens!
AT's costume - very cute.
Goli also had a Halloween celebration, including a birthday party for Laura. I mean, what's up with all of the Halloween celebrations? Don't get me wrong, I think it's great but goodness!
T had to play kitchen first and get himself ready to eat.
Laura is the cutest little thing; she turned three.

Goli's group. One child doesn't stay with her anymore during the day but came to celebrate. The kids absolutely love her and come back often to visit. I'm very glad Troy has been watched by her.

T loves, loves, loves cupcakes!
I took these the next day (yes, after Halloween) because everytime I tried to get shots of him in his costume, they were a disaster. These are the best I could get. He's just always on the move!

He's carrying around a handheld battleship game.
Loved the tail!


The McDougald Family said...

Troy is the cutest little tiger!!! Those carved pumpkings are amazing...especially the skinned one!