Saturday, November 6, 2010


Did I forget that I was pregnant? No. Not - at - all. I just forget to write about it. Things are going good so far. I'm larger than I was at this point when pregnant with Troy. Friends, and even people who aren't friends tell me how good I look. I'm not saying this because I think I look good - quite the opposite. But I LOVE to hear it! Don't you? Pregnant or not, it just sounds good and makes you feel good. Funny that I only hear that when I'm pregnant. Maybe I'm cuter when I'm fatter! Lol!

Justin is rolling, kicking and turning like a crazy baby already. He gets to hear the baby plus usually twice a day (sometimes once depending on how busy my morning is). I'm sure it's his favorite time of the day.

Still running (ran a 5k race on Halloween), just not as much as before. I think that's a good thing. I'm listening to my body. At 24 weeks, I ran 4.2 miles - not too bad. I run anywhere from 3-4 miles on the weekend and 2-3 miles, sometimes a bit more, twice during the week. Gilad and I have a 30 minute workout together at least twice a week. He just makes me laugh, too. I have a couple of pregnancy videos that I will do once or twice a week. While not super challenging, it's good to work out in front of some other pregnant people (albeit on tv).

I have realized that when I was pregnant with Troy, I didn't keep up or write about what exercising I actually completed each week. It was a lot - let me tell you. Much more than now. I have convinced myself that chasing around a toddler has made up for some of that lack of exercise. I miss the pool and swimming laps but I'd rather have extra sleep and some extra time with T and B than go swimming right now.

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