Thursday, December 16, 2010

December 16, Day 16

Oh how busy Christmas can be! We have had an event every day this week, and it continues until next week. I love it, though. Having families and friends gather for fun, food and celebration is wonderful!

Today was AORTA's Christmas party. I have been the social director for a couple of years but will be passing it on (hopefully) to someone else because I've taken over as race director of our local half marathon. Yes, pregnant, planning another race in April, one in January (the half) and my little social thing for aorta. I haven't started stressing out about it (yet). Just have a god bit to get done. I do have help, thank goodness!

AORTA stands for Auburn Opelika Running and Track Association. Sounds official but it's a cornucopia of all sorts of runners, from semi-elite (one person has run in the olympic marathon qualifiers) to walkers. And, I'm the only current pregnant runner - albeit a slow one. Very fun people and I thank God for meeting the people in the club. It's been so much fun. We've gone on some pretty spectacular trips together.

See that man sitting to the right of my photo? That's Alvin, long term president of our running club. 72 years old, still running, very funny and generous with a great personality.

Lynsey from bunco is moving out of town! Sad! Meredith had a fun little get together for Lynsey, including a baby shower, before she moves (last night). We will really miss her! Elyse
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