Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A little late

Two weekends ago, we ventured back to Niceville for an annual pick-out-the-tree with the family event. And, since I'm the tallest in the Corbitt family (or appear to be anyway), I usually put up the lights. Being 7 months pregnant, I was a little reluctant to get on a ladder and lean over to put on lights. Luckily, the tree wasn't too tall and I could reach most of it. Forgot to get an after photo.

We had a fantastic time. Good company, good food and a GREAT football game. War Eagle! Auburn is on their way to the BCS Championship. Troy wanted to do this:

At the Christmas Tree lot. It only took one lot to find the perfect tree.

B, his brother J with the kids.

Grandy and T.

B (3) and J (almost 8).

Cousins. The 14 month old did NOT want to sit still. He would rather eat sand or run with a frisbee. Elyse
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