Monday, February 28, 2011

Justin Day 4 in the NICU

Monday. We arrived around 9 this morning. Had to stop by Target on our way in. Traffic was a booger today. How, in four short years, have we forgotten about the traffic in B’ham? Day four in the NICU. Really? Time is flying by. Justin is getting cuter and cuter. His little face is not as swollen. The milk came in! Yay!

Justin was on 28% oxygen when we arrived this morning. J’s nurse is Lindsey and she is fantastic! She gradually weaned him from the oxygen, I was able to hold him for quite a while today and he did fantastic! Fed him with a bottle without any oxygen and he did great. Lindsey still needed to keep him in the isolette so when I wasn’t able to hold him, he had to stay in the isolette.

Dr. St. John (female) is his doctor today. She said he was doing fantastic, eating like a “pig” – yes, those were her words and we needed to get him out of the NICU!

We think he’s going to be strong! He’s definitely a little fighter. Still is on fluids but is taking the bottle well today. Yesterday (forgot to mention) he almost was put on a feeding tube because he wasn’t taking the bottle. Turns out he needed a bottle nipple that mimicked his pacifier (a Soothie pacifier). Yes, it was my idea :) I thought that we needed to try another nipple before sticking a tube down his throat! That did the trick!

The plan today was for Brian to stick around and wait for the orthopedic doctor to come for a consult. We asked the doctors during rounds this morning when we would see the orthopedic. They said they would check on it but did say that they thought we would see someone today. Brian’s parents stayed in town to watch Troy and wait on the orthopedic doctor. Brian’s parents came by. Brian and I watched Troy in the family room (which has a little kids play area) while they visited with Justin. Memama held little Justin for the first time.

By 4 p.m., we started asking about the orthopedic doctor. Every answer was that it was being checked on. By 5:30 p.m., we were told that it probably wasn’t going to happen today.

Brian made arrangements with his parents to stay another day so he could wait on the orthopedic surgeon.

Lots of visitors today! We are loving the visitors. I can hardly keep up with the calls, text messages and emails. I’ve almost given up! Still very emotional so I’m not quite ready to talk to friends or family on the phone.

We are still staying with L&G (Brian’s aunt and uncle) and left around 7 or so.