Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Club Feet – Sixth (and hopefully final) Casting

Up to B’ham – again - last night. We both were able to go and brought Troy with us. We were planning on B staying at L&G’s house while I took Justin to the appt but Gigi decided to keep Troy. It was nice that Brian was able to go this time.

So I was hoping that J would have white casts this time – only because Easter is right around the corner and I’m getting photos taken of the boys. We arrived before 9, got in a room, saw Spence (the tech) and I asked him about white casts. He said that they haven’t been sent anymore white casts. Bummer! Purple again – the only option. I said that I could make him an Easter egg with his purple casts. I quickly remembered that I should be and am grateful that we can provide Justin with the treatment he is receiving and the cast color doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. I shouldn’t complain, right? Right. I’ll just put white socks on those casts.

Spencer removed the casts very gently. J was fine for a while.Dr. Doyle came in and talked about the braces. I wanted him to have the Dobbs bar but found out that Dr. Doyle doesn’t typically use the Dobbs bar which made me feel like using the bar that he was more comfortable with would be better for J’s treatment. I mean, that’s why we chose Dr. Doyle! So we decided to go with the stationary bar.

Then he got hungry. I fed him while Nicole was getting the paperwork and instruments to measure his feet for the shoes. Nicole came back and I laid him on the table to get measured. He was NOT happy. He cried enough to where Nicole couldn’t get his measurements. So I held him to try and help. She was able to get his measurements – the length of his foot, the width, around his ankle, around his lower calf. Each measurement was the same on both feet. I was happy to know that his feet are the same size.

He was out of the casts a good 30-40 minutes.

Next Spencer and Dr. Maddox came in to put his casts back on. He was worse than before, very upset. Apparently his skin is probably very sensitive and it hurt to put the cotton and casts back on. He screamed and kicked. Dr. Maddox said he was very strong as I was trying ot talk to him and console him. Nothing was working, he was MAD! As he finished with the first leg, J calmed down and it started all over again with the other leg.

When they were finished, I picked him up and fed him again. We both felt pretty sorry for him. It was by far the most uncomfortable he had ever been. But, I’m glad it’s over. Two more weeks before we go back…..hopefully!



Here is where the tenotomy was completed. There is a tiny stitch where the incision was.


Purple casts again!


Me and little J.