Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Justin at Two Months

Time has, as usual, been flying by. Little man is already two months old. He’s becoming more and more animated every day.

2 month photo

I took several shots of him trying to get a two month photo. He smiles, just not when I want to take a picture of him smiling.

2 months with lion

His casts were permanently removed the day he turned two months old. He has been SO happy since. Eating much more, smiling, kicking and cooing.

Here he is taking his first bath. His brother was RIGHT there saying “bath, bath, bath”. We finally told him he could take a shower – and he seemed to be okay with Justin taking a bath by that time.

first bath1 first bathJUST woke up….stretchy stretchy  


We get these funny faces when he is smiling.

funny tongue

Showing off his new dancing shoes.

in bouncy seat

So he was a tiny little fella at his two month checkup. He did fantastic with the shots – I didn’t even notice he had them. No tylenol needed at all.


Weight: 10.4 pounds
Height 22.4 inches

Head: 14.7 inches


Donna said...

What a cutie patootie! I love him! I'm SO GLAD he's out of those purple casts- those could NOT have been comfortable. I wore corrective shoes that turned out and a bar when I was a baby and have many pictures like this. God bless you guys- thanks for keeping up the blog!