Friday, May 20, 2011

20 Months

A ball of fire – but a sweet one.

outside in lobster outfit

Favorite foods: edamame, pretzels (with peanut butter inside), apples, cake (no, he doesn’t get this often but he knows quite well what it is!), turkey dogs.

His favorite book is a toss up between a dump truck book called “Bumpy” and a pirate book about Winnie the Pooh. He really likes Piglet and especially likes the last page where all of the characters are having a Birthday party for Christopher Robin. There is CAKE on the table. He also knows about the honey – which he quickly points out.

Loves his brother. No joke. Wants his brother in the crib with him. I do usually put Justin in the crib with Troy in the mornings and Troy is SO happy. He gives Justin his favorite blanket and then proceeds to take his stuffed animals and “kiss” Justin’s face. Tried to not let him get in his face but I’ve given up on that battle.

kissing justin

He’s hard headed – but is a pleaser. He will get something stuck in his head. For example, he will start asking for his milk. If he doesn’t get it immediately, he will stay, “milk, milk, milk, milk…..” on and on and on until he gets it. Or, if he sees a puppy in the yard and the puppy keeps walking, he will say “puppy, puppy, puppy….” over and over and over usually until he gets VERY upset. This happened yesterday. Also, he will tell you what he thinks something is even if he’s wrong. Last night, I cooked a Portobello mushroom. He thought it was a cookie – why? Anyway, I was telling him it was a mushroom. He kept saying “cookie, cookie, cookie” on and on and on. Whatever. I told him that he could have a bite and he was quite disappointed when it wasn’t a cookie.

He tries to repeat everything – everything. I cannot stress this enough. Watch your mouth around him!

This is his infamous blanket (on the floor). He will scream bloody murder if he throws this over his crib and can’t get it back. He sleeps with it ever night and sucks on the darn thing. It gets quite disgusting so I have to make sure it gets washed frequently!


Loves older kids – some don’t love him. Case in point: tries to play with three year old kids  and they tell him he’s a baby. He will say “baby” but keep on trying to play. Oblivious! Gotta love ignorance sometimes – and being little.

He loves his “mommie” and lets me know it!

Troy can probably say 200+ words on his own. Puts 3 words together in sentences, sometimes more. Knows the way to Goli’s house – and will say “yay, Goli house” when he recognizes something along the road on the way there.

Yesterday, Goli said that Troy took a baby with a baby bottle and was trying to “feed” the baby. She took pictures of him and they are so sweet! I know he’s mimicking Goli feeding Justin (and Inman). I’ve heard of people getting their boys a baby doll if they have a younger sibling to help with transitioning. What should I do? I know it has nothing to do with masculinity but I think it might be a good idea for when I’m at home alone feeding Justin while Troy is running around. I could tell Troy to feed his baby also? Maybe I should just start with a fake bottle and see where it goes from there.

So he is still wearing large gdiapers, size 5 disposables. Not interested in going to the bathroom yet – but I think he’s curious so we’ll see.

Love this little guy. He’s been such a joyful addition to our lives!


The Parrish's said...

I think I recall you having the same attachment to your blanket - not that I remember, but that's what mom said:) You would suck/chew on it while it was hanging on the clothes line outside. Haha.