Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Two! I Two!

We had a fabulous birthday celebration for Troy. Since his b’day is 4 days before mine, we combined a few things into one. I have to admit that he had cupcakes almost every day of the week. It has to be a record – and I realized he was beginning to think that was the norm!

Decorating cupcakes was a huge hit. He stood still, watched and waited in anticipation. He was excited to be able to help put sprinkles on the cupcakes. Little did I know that he already knew how to blow out the candles. I have to admit I was impressed by his patience – especially for a two year old! He’s quite proud of the fact that he can hold up two fingers on his own and will yell “I two, I two!”

Here he is being very sweet.

DSC_3909decorating cupcakes

SO excited to blow out his candles (I had to light them twice so we could get him on the video camera).

DSC_3917DSC_3918holding two fingersDSC_3906

The birthday boy with his parents Smile

e t and b

So glad I made this banner. It was fun to use again and I plan on using it for many years to come! Every letter is appliqued on and cut out separately. It took me HOURS to get it right.

Happy birthday bannertroy bannerE and t

We had a very small birthday get together. He’s here with one of his girl friends jumping on his trampoline – they had a blast!

T and Reagan jumping

In his two year old outfit (reversible pants). Love ‘em!

This little dude is a yardstick – exactly 36 inches tall, weighs 32 1/2 pounds which puts him in the 90th percentile for height and weight. Frankly I was surprised because he doesn’t seem that big to me. He’s talking up –a-storm! He still refers to his brother as “dudis” and has trouble pronouncing words with “f”. Most things usually sound like a “p”. Piretruck, piderman (spiderman), etc. One day he said, “Mommie, help me find my piderman pwees”. I was very surprised and of course, dropped what I was doing to help him. He routinely says “I wub you” and will repeat ANYTHING we ask him to say.

I love this little boy to death – he has been such a joy!