Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Summer, summer? Where’d you go?

One of my favorite pics of me with my boys this summer. Justin is SO much bigger since this photo was taken.



J and T in pool

The diving board was a hit!

T jumping from diving boardt jumping from diving board 2

Closeup: uh…I think he likes it (btw, this was his idea).

T jumping from diving board close up face

T jumping from diving board 3T coming up from water


One of my besties watching J.

Tracey with J copy

This summer has been so-much-fun! From the neighborhood pool, the club pool, the kiddie pool in the backyard and front yard as well as a few trips to the beach. It’s been quite busy but oh-so much fun! Sad that it’s about done. I’m not even sure we’ll get to go back to the pool this year since the weather is cooling down.