Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Justin at 7 Months

It’s as if his little personality is popping out this month! He’s still growing and gaining like a little weed. He’s now almost 19 1/2 pounds, is sitting up independently and rolls over all the time.

J with 7 month sign favat marys house frontj big eyesJ eating basket1Justin with hat

Loves sleeping on his belly. Place him on his back for a nap and he’ll roll right over. Even with the braces on at night, he immediately rolls over and wiggles his little bottom back and forth while nudging his hands underneath his belly. Sweetest little thing!

Justin LOVES his brother and lights up when he sees Troy, Brian or me. He still will let anyone hold him and seems to study faces intently. He uses his hands to grab hands, faces, noses, hair or anything within arms reach. He’s been sleeping through the night since 6 months old (also when we finally moved him to his crib) – uh, maybe we should have done that sooner?

He enjoys his bouncy seat, laying on or sitting in front of his playmat, sitting in his highchair, being held and just being able to see what is going on around him. He isn’t fond of being left alone in a room alone. We have heard him say “mama, dada, baba, blah blah blah (this is what he does most often), nana”. J in basket color

He has great eating habits and will try anything. Peas aren’t his favorite but he’ll eat them anyway. His older brother seems to have developed a taste for baby food again. I’m still nursing him several times a day and am grateful that we haven’t had to use any formula. Hopefully this will stay the same until he reaches a year old. He loves seeing Ms. Goli everyday and seems to be glad to have other children around. There is another baby, Inman, who is a few months older but Justin loves to “talk” to him. Justin is very healthy and we are hoping that this winter will be good to all of us!

Justin is absolutely precious. He has a crooked little smile and sometimes I can see a dimple on his left cheek. His eyes are big, round and hazel right now. He can scoot in circles and backwards. He often “swims” around by swinging his arms and feet while kicking. Normally he does this when he is very excited. He also reaches for people when he wants to be held.


I just want to eat him up!

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Brian said...

Those are great Elyse! Thanks for posting them!