Sunday, October 9, 2011

Personalized Pumpkins!

finished productI saw a way to put one initial on a pumpkin and thought that creating pumpkins with names would be so much fun!

SO easy. I used:

- a real pumpkin

-black card stock (or pre-cut letters)

-letter stencil and cutter

-mod podge

- one foam brush

I used a scrapbook alphabet stencil with a knife to cut out my letters.

nameI thoroughly washed my pumpkin. and plastered Mod Podge all over the area where the name would go (you can see the other pumpkin behind this one).


applying mod podge

Next, I lathered both sides of the letters and carefully placed them on the pumpkin.

troy helpin

If you are really lucky, your toddler will decide that it isn’t naptime and will help you put Mod Podge all of the pumpkin (this is not necessary). Mod Podge placed on top of the letters will ensure they stay in place.

troy paintingtroy painting2

Voila! Super easy and super cute.

finished product