Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Auburn’s Homecoming

Troy loooooves Auburn – Aubie, football, the logo, the football stadium….well, any football field/stadium for that matter. A few weeks ago he went to his second Auburn game with his daddy and had a blast. Brian said he was enamored by the band, the players, people cheering, pom poms and the atmosphere.

Since he did so good, we decided to take him to Homecoming. It was wonderful that Grandy came along, too. This time Troy made it through half time before we decided it was time to go. Nap time was great that afternoon!

Here are some pics.

T and B


He got a hold of Grandy’s cane and decided it was a microphone. He has a small obsession with singing and performing lately.

T using cane as microphoneTroy and grandy at tailgate

Troy smiling

Our friends stopped by with their little girl. I put this one Facebook and someone said something about them standing like this one day in college….with something other than water in the cups.

troy and susan

He ate and drank pretty much the whole time. Before we got to the stadium, he ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich as well as some chips. AT the stadium he had a whole hot dog, cookie, chips, peanuts, some of a brownie and a bunch of water.

We took three trips to the bathroom. Going to the bathroom with a 2 year old at a football stadium is not my favorite thing to do.

T with Grandy at the game

Watching the eagle fly.

Troy with Brian