Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Justin 8 Months

Yep, pretty ashamed that I’m now posting this. Barely making it before he turns 9 months. Sorry J!

He’s an absolute delight and has captured my heart. With his sweet smiles, babbles, long stares, crooked smile, crossed over toes on his right foot, growls and screams, he is perfect in every.single.way that I could ever imagine.

Justin 7 month with sign

He’s eating more and more solid foods. In fact, he’s cut back on nursing. Still hasn’t had any formula and I think we’re on our way to him not needing any (fingers crossed). Even if he doesn’t like a food, he will eat it (although he’ll fuss while choking it down).

Loves his brother, bouncing in the jumperoo, sitting on the floor with a little work bench, Mozart cube or noisy bumblebee. Lights up when he sees me, his daddy or Goli. Loves sleeping on his tummy, rolls around to get to toys. Tries getting Troy’s toys every chance he can, will roll and “swim” to get to things. Has started enjoying standing at his activity center to play with toys and push buttons.

justinJustn 1Justin had a pediatric cardiologist appointment the other day and we know his stats:

Weight: 20 pounds, 2 ounces

Height: 28 inches

He is saying: dada, mama, blah, nana, baba, ta, duh. He usually claps his hands together or takes his left hand and pats on his mouth while making noise when he’s hungry, full or wants attention. He does NOT like being left alone in a room. He is fine sitting and watching others (as long as someone is in the room).

With his brother in their matching tiger shirts. I love these applique’s!

J and T in aubie shirt

He is such a joy – and such a GIFT!!!