Sunday, January 29, 2012

Christmas at HOME!!!

So I mentioned earlier that we stayed home for Christmas in 2011. Like all day! We’ve never done that. Having kids maybe is the reason? I loved every-single-moment of it! I know the boys and the rest of the family did also! So we had lunch at home. KK, Mamama, Crawford, Mary, Addie, Brian, Troy, Justin and I partook. Josh had taken Colt to Colorado to ski and Rebecca had to stay back in Dothan so that Ryder could spend some of Christmas with his dad.

I cooked turkey and other stuff (I think?) while KK and Mamama brought a bunch of stuff. Mary brought some desserts. Everything was so yummy!

Did I mention that the boys stayed in their PJ’s all day? They did – and I loved it!

The boys got a kitchen set from Santa as their “together” gift. Santa might have encouraged mother dearest to help a little bit…

In this picture, if you can see Justin, he is “waving”. He will turn his hand toward himself to say hello. Cutest wave I’ve ever seen!


Troy got Bullseye from KK. He was (gently) encouraged to give hugs for his gifts. Hugging is NOT his thing (like his mother). Silly boy.


KK got Patty Cakes of Justin’s hand and feet.


You’re welcome Mary!


Justin was VERY interested in Addie. It was so sweet how he was touching her leg and hands. Then, you can see him saying “HI” to her  with his right hand. So sweet!



J got a new chair! He loves, loves it!!! Thanks KK!


Here is how I wrapped all of the presents this year. Butcher’s paper with twine and stamped names. Fun!